Marinade Recipes

  • Lemon-Wine Marinade
    This lemon-wine marinade works really well on fish or chicken.
  • Orange and Onion Marinade
    This is a flavorful marinade which can be used on chicken, pork, and beef. Remember to let the marinade cool considerably before using it on raw meat.
  • Sage and Wine Fish Marinade
    This is a flavorful herbed marinade for fish. Enjoy with your favorite vegetable side dish.
  • Chicken Marinade with Red Wine
    This red wine marinade is good on anything from chicken breast to chicken thighs. You can also use it as a basting sauce for rotisserie chicken or on grilled turkey breast.
  • Mexican Marinade
    This is a perfect marinade for practically any meat and any Mexican dish. You get that great lime and cilantro flavor without overpowering the flavor of the meat.
  • Salmon with Green Chili Rub/Marinade
    This recipe may be difficult to prepare if you don't have Green Chili powder available in your area. However, you can substitute canned Ortega Green chilies and puree them marinating your salmon fillets/steaks instead.
  • Steak Marinade
    You don't need any steak sauce to go with it. The taste from the marinade is delicious!
  • Balsamic Vinegar Steak Marinade
    Steak marinated in a balsamic vinegar, olive and garlic blend!
  • Grilled Chicken Marinade
    Great marinade for grilled chicken!
  • Bourbon Marinade
    Marinade for chicken breast or pork chops - the sauce is key!!!