Applying Rubs


Applying Rubs

  • A rub should have time to work its magic.
  • If applying a rub to chicken with skin on, place it under the skin.
  • Lightly scoring meat, poultry, and fish will help the rub flavors penetrate further.
  • How long a rub should rest on the food before cooking spans from 15 minutes to two hours and up to several hours. It depends on the density of what you are applying it to and how strong the flavors of the rub are.
  • Keep the rubbed food in the fridge, for safety's sake.

Applying Dry Rubs

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  1. Sprinkle dry rub on the meat. Apply an even coating; use a shaker to coat the meat without getting too much dry rub in one spot. Make sure to apply a coating of dry rub over the entire piece of meat, even the back of a rack of ribs.
  2. Press the dry rub into the meat. Pressing the dry rub onto the meat ensures that most of the dry rub clings to the meat. Some pit masters even massage the dry rub into the meat so that it further penetrates the meat as it cooks.
  3. Wrap the meat in plastic wrap. The plastic wrap serves two purposes. First, the plastic wrap ensures that the dry rub doesn’t fall off during the marinating process. Second, the plastic wrap helps keep your refrigerator sanitary. Lay a piece of plastic wrap on the counter top and place the meat in the center. Bring the two longest sides of the plastic wrap together and roll tightly. Carefully roll the ends of the plastic wrap so that the meat is tightly wrapped. Use a double layer of plastic wrap on heavier pieces of meat, such as roasts and briskets.
  4. Allow to marinate for 1 to 2 hours. Dry rubs work quicker than a wet marinade. In only an hour or so, your meat will be ready to hit the grill or smoker.

Applying a Wet Rub when Grilling

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  1. Find a favorite wet rub recipe and prepare it. Many will include fresh herbs and a bit of oil. The flavors dissipate quickly in wet rubs, so it is best to prepare it just before using it. Do not prepare the rub ahead of time.
  2. Applying Wet Rubs
  3. Heat up the grill.
  4. Use a brush to put the wet rub onto the meat or fish.
  5. Place the rubbed meat on the grill. Leave it undisturbed for at least two or three minutes. This will allow the crust to form from the wet rub.
  6. Once it is time to turn the meat, use a wide, thin utensil. This will help insure the crust formed by the wet rub will stay intact during the turning process.
  7. Turn the meat as little as possible. Hopefully, only one turn will be needed. Turning the grilled meat or fish can cause the wet rub crust to break off.